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Monthly Views

Success Story

Hey Jini

3.62M Subscribers
China Subscribers

Hey Jini is widely considered the Top Kids Content Creator in South Korea and is also immensely popular among the global audience as well.
Hey Jini has a larger fanbase in China than that of YouTube, communicating with millions of subscribers across multiple platforms through her content.
She was even selected as the main cover channel for the whole kids category of ByteDance’s Xigua Video, a case displaying the influence that her content has across the globe.


China Subscribers

Semyon has been a passionate photographer since 2013 and entered China through adoba in 2022.
He has since become a major celebrity among local viewers, attracting 1 million subscribers only within 54 days of his entry.
His immense popularity caught the eyes of the platforms, leading them to showcase Semyon’s content in their mainpages and even using it within their official guidelines.


1.44M Subscribers
China Subscribers

JJAEMI is a desert Mukbang content creator that is beloved by both local and global fans.
He has entered Chinese platforms with adoba in 2021, and his content has been a huge hit ever since his entry.
With his most popular content recording over 10 million views, a lot of his content are still steadily recording millions of views up to this date.
In the first quarter of 2023, JJAEMI recorded a stunning 8 million average views with his content on bilibili, which is equivalent to 30 thousand people watching his content daily.

The World is Your Stage


What is adobaro?

adobaro is a Creator Content Cross-Border SaaS Solution that allows any content creator to easily connect with new fans on more platforms. adobaro simplifies and accelerates all complex processes like channel opening, verification, management, and revenue settlement so that you can focus on creating your content. Cross the border and expand your creativity through adobaro!

Are there any conditions to join adobaro?

There are none. As long as you are a content creator, you can join without any conditions.

How is my content globalized?

adobaro is the only solution in the world that legitimately allows you to open channels and settle revenues through direct partnerships with China's Top 12 platforms. You can officially open and easily manage multiple platform channels under your ID information with adobaro. Meet 1.5 billion potential subscribers that you haven't met before through our service!

Are these new platforms safe?

You are 100% safe with adobaro. Protecting the rights of content creators is the top priority value of the adobaro solution, and only platforms that have passed the service requirements through verifications such as legal channel opening and ownership, content rights protection, and revenue settlement, are supported.

How do I operate these new platforms?

adobaro is easy to use. All you need to do is upload your content once on adobaro. adobaAI will automatically generate optimized titles and upload the content on each platform, so you do not need to spend extra time managing your channels as you expand platforms. Save your valuable time with adobaro!

What platforms does adobaro support?

adobaro supports the Top 12 platforms in China including bilibili, Xigua Video, Douyin, Xiahongshu, and Weibo, and we are constantly expanding our serviceable platforms. Upon signing up, adobaAI will analyze your original channel(Youtube, Tiktok, etc.) and recommend the platform that suits you best.

What services does adobaro provide?

adobaro is a solution created on the principle of simplifying and accelerating the complex procedures and processes of multi-platform channel opening and operation, so that you can focus on creating your content. We provide various services including convenient channel opening based on your ID information, ID verification and monetization, automatic uploads on multiple platforms connected to adobaro, AI title and thumbnail generation optimized for each platform, data and revenue monitoring of all platforms with a single click, and simple revenue settlement. We are continuing to develop various additional services that can help you with your creative journey.

Do I still own my channels?

Yes, of course! All of your original channels and content, as well as newly opened channels and content uploaded through adobaro, belongs to you. We only receive consent for the minimum rights required to provide services like channel opening and verification, revenue settlement, etc.

What about the revenues from platforms outside of adobaro?

We are not at all involved in the operation and revenue settlement of your original channels(Youtube, Snapchat, etc.) outside of adobaro. The revenue generated from those channels is completely under your control, as they are not bound to us in any way or form.

Do I need to create separate content for adobaro?

No, you do not. You can keep focusing on your original content, and create new custom content for the new fans if you feel the need to do so. We do not force or restrict your content creation activities.

Is it necessary to add local language subtitles?

Not necessarily, but we suggest adding subtitles to all your videos as it reaches a bigger audience and generates better outcomes. adobaro supports an AI subtitle service within the platform, which you can use conveniently to quickly add Chinese subtitles to your content.

I'm affiliated with another MCN/agency. Can I still use adobaro?

Absolutely! Any content creator can use adobaro. If required, we would be more than happy to cooperate with your MCN or agency to help you globalize.

Are there any business opportunities besides platforms activities?

adobaro fully supports your creative journey and provides optimized business opportunities as well as various platform expansions. We match various collaboration opportunities such as brand advertisements and campaigns according to your channel growth, and also help with issues such as communication and contracts for smooth communication with local advertisers.

What are adobaro "Points" and and how can I use them?

The points are rewards within adobaro that can be earned by completing missions or participating in events. All those points can later be exchanged for various products and services in our upcoming adobaro Marketplace. You can receive 100 points just by signing up, and follow our social media for ongoing events to earn extra points.

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